Morning workshops

Local committees in IAESTE are facing several challenges during the fiscal year and especially now in this difficult time it is important to focus on how to attract and involve new members, how the local committee should be organized and how the knowledge can remain. During this WS participants will learn how other countries are managing their (local) committees, how to keep people involved, how to share knowledge and handle a budget.

Let’s face it – despite of the fact that we all love IAESTE, there are just some aspects and chores that can at times be quite boring or annoying. Sometimes, it is hard to find the motivation to call the next company and inquire for open internship positions during the job-raising process even though you have received a negative feedback in the previous seven calls. Oh, and remember that we still need to put up posters so we can advertise for the next outgoing phase? Well, we need someone to do that as well…

…and this is the situation in which many meetings turn silent because nobody wants to do the task. Wouldn’t it be much funnier and fulfilling if we converted all of these chores into challenges and side quests of a big IAESTE competition? That’s exactly where Gamification can help us to have more fun and achieve more for IAESTE. Together, we will look at different examples for Gamification and try to come up with approaches how to incorporate Gamification in our local/national committees. Let’s challenge ourselves to have a fun-filled and competitive workshop.

We will try to set up our workshop as one big competition in which you will be participating as a team and anything in the workshop can award or deduct points which will determine the fate of your team captain.

In almost every situation we are faced with decisions, even though most of the time we don’t even realise it. Some of these decisions are simple and we should make them without wasting time and brainpower, while some are complex (especially when the right decision depends in part on the actions of other people) and will have a great influence on our future. Telling these types of decisions apart and spending the right amount of resources on the decision making process can be a difficult task, but in this workshop we will attempt to hone our skills in this regard.

Game theory in particular considers the question of how people act in given situations to achieve the best possible outcomes and when those actions conflict with the interests of the group. Using game theory, complex situations can often be boiled down to simple scenarios, in which the incentives of each “player” become clear, thus simplifying the coordination efforts and the development of common strategies.

We all promote IAESTE just by talking about it. This workshop will give you everything you need to show IAESTE in the best possible light: the information, the language, the branding and the arguments to win over fellow students, companies and universities. You will learn a lot about IAESTE in the process and also have fun with interactive activities.

Afternoon workshops

In the first half of the CER Development Working Group will be classic Representatives’ meeting for the National Secretaries, Representatives and CER Management Team members. Including this meeting, we’ll be focusing also on the Exchange Task Force output, Strategy 2025, some outcomes from LEAP conference and the current status of the region and brainstorm about every possible point to improve the region more. It’s going to be an interactive working group, so bringing your feedback on the region, and your creative ideas would be highly recommended. We’re already looking forward to get together to make CER great again!

Our workshop will tackle the challenge of attracting new members and keeping them motivated to stay active in the hybrid times of online/offline life with Corona. The idea is to show the importance of communication, onboarding and continual growth of members. For years (the distant times before Corona) we have been talking about member raising and how to attract new members and gain numbers in your LC. But the point is that in most cases, quality beats quantity. We want more better members that are engaged and willing to achieve great things with IAESTE.

In our workshop, we will discuss shortly about member raising, and talk about how to motivate people. The main part of the workshop will be practical work on an imaginary LC and how to engage their new (and old) members.

Learn what to expect and how to prepare for interviews at Big Tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple. No need to be a Computer Science student, everyone with an interest in programming is welcome.

Time and again, we find ourselves faced with a need to discuss an issue, find a solution or simply give feedback on an idea. Doing so may seem like a no-brainer. However, there is always a “but”. In this workshop, we will try to convey a set of steps through which you can methodically increase your teams’ effectiveness via discussion with a wee bit of structure and a sprinkle of feedback. You can expect to be a part of engaging tasks prepared in such a way that all the tedious heavy lifting will be dealt with for you. Expect solutions as easy to use as copy-pasting in numerous future projects.

Not proficient in presentations? Especially presentations of numbers? This is the workshop where you will practically repeat basics and learn some advanced techniques of presentation skills and data storytelling.

Full Day workshops

Is IAESTE your greatest passion? Would you like to help other LCs with your knowledge and experience? Become a workshop leader and maximize your positive impact! In this workshop I will share my WS leading experience and tips to teach you how to share knowledge the most effective and entertaining way. I will cover workshop structure, communication tips and tricks, energy management, crisis management and how to enjoy this beautiful role the most. In the second part of the workshop, you will acquire your first workshop leading experience. My goal is to inspire and motivate the best future workshop leaders. Is that you? This workshop is compulsory for new applicants to the Workshop Leaders pool.

Have you ever negotiated with your girlfriend/boyfriend (whichever you prefer)? Have you won? No? Then this is the workshop just for you. You will not only gain knowledge on how to get that onion on the marketplace for half the price, but what you learn will actually be useful in your professional life. This will not be an actual workshop per say, but more of a simulation game competition. With 1-2h of theory, 3-4h of hard negotiations and 1h of feedback on how miserable you are. You will be playing a side in a team negotiations and if you achieve enough points, you might win something (let’s see :). You should attend this all-day workshop with at least some level of experience, it will not be newbie friendly.